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Title description, June 14, 2016

letting people know about GunGrave:

First at all, GunGrave is a great anime, it makes me feel sad that no one hear about it.

Second, after you watch tons of animes,movies, TV shows with happy ending, what you feel about it? Those main characters were just like mechanized, they always do so-called "right things"; defeat bad guy save the world etc.I Just want to ask the Audiences three simply question, is that real?is that what we all want?Isn't that the same ending you saw from last anime/movie/TV show?

Third,It is just funny to see all those authors keep doing the same things again and again, and trying to brain wash Audience to make them think to have a "happy ending" is a common sense. But no, it is not, they are not giving chances to everysingle possibilities but limiting themselves by having a "happy ending".

Which The anime Gungrave is different, Brandon Heat is "real", he is just like us, people who lives in reality. He has to keep making tough decisions for his life.like all of us, he is not always doing so-called "right things"; for his friend, for the people that he wants to protect, he is willing to become a killer.

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