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Brandon Heat


A small-time criminal who was in a gang with his best friend, Harry McDowell, along with three other close friends. After their friends were killed, Brandon and Harry joined the crime syndicate Millennion, led by Big Daddy. After joining Millennion, Brandon was assigned to a small collection crew in the West District, where they collected the organization's income from its illegal race track betting and black market operations. After being proven by a special assignment recommended by Harry, his affiliation with Maria, and risking his life for Big Daddy, Brandon began to move up within the ranks of the organization. Brandon was trained by Millennion's Bear Walken to be a sweeper (assassin), eventually forming his own elite sweeper unit within Millennion called "True Graves".

As Harry rose to power, Brandon remained loyal to the syndicate. Brandon confronted Harry for betraying the organization, but found himself unable to kill his friend. Instead, Harry kills Brandon during his moment of hesitation. Brandon was resurrected by Dr. Tokioka as "Beyond the Grave". His purpose is to destroy the syndicate that he once worked for and the friend who betrayed him. At the end of the anime, Brandon chose to protect Harry instead of killing him out of respect for their old friendship. It's unknown whether he lives or dies when Mika finally arrives. He acts like a parental figure to Mika, and told her to move on as he no longer belongs to the living.

Harry McDowell


Harry McDowell always wanted true freedom. Even when he was young, he could not stand being held back or put in his place. He used his ambition to rise in the ranks of Millennion with the help of his best friend, Brandon Heat. Impatient by nature, Harry began to plot the murder of Millennion's leader, Big Daddy, when he could not advance any further in the syndicate.

As Harry's dreams become reality, he grows insane. The slightest sign of hesitation is taken as betrayal, and betrayal is punished with death. Harry succeeded in killing Big Daddy as well as hundreds of others in his quest for freedom, earning him the name "Bloody Harry". One of his victims was Brandon Heat. Now, thirteen years later, Harry targets Big Daddy's daughter, Mika Asagi, as his next victim. However, Brandon has returned as Beyond the Grave to protect her against Harry's push to destroy the last piece of Big Daddy's legacy.

Maria Asagi


Maria is the sweet, clean-cut girl down the street, a contrast of Brandon's bad-boy image. Throughout the series, Maria makes her feelings for Brandon very clear. When she accepts Mr. Asagi's offer to live with him after her Uncle Jester dies, Maria is unaware that she is moving into the home of Big Daddy, head of Millenion. Brandon follows her and joins Millenion in hopes of being close to her, and for a while it works out.

It is when Brandon becomes a sweeper that their relationship crumbles. He finds it harder and harder to face Maria with every person he kills, and soon he stops visiting her altogether. Maria eventually figures out what is going on, and once she does, the strong-willed woman decides to confront the man she loves. However, vowing to follow Big Daddy, he refuses to give up his life as a hit man for the mob and calmly but coldly rejects Maria, who then marries Big Daddy.

Big Daddy


Millennion's founder and leader. He started the organization to protect his city and his "Family". He developed a bond with Brandon early in the latter's career in Millenion, which resulted in Brandon giving up Maria to Big Daddy out of loyalty to the man and the organization. Big Daddy was killed by Harry; due to a mental breakdown when Big Daddy revealed that Brandon knew of his betrayal all along. Shaken and angered by the news, Harry vowed to erase every trace of him; including Mika.

Bear Walken


A sweeper for Millennion, and one of the oldest members of Big Daddy's inner circle. He stays with the organization after Harry becomes the leader of Millennion for the sake of his daughter (who is married to Harry). Although his vow to protect his daughter and Harry forced him to take sides, he still held some form of loyalty to Big Daddy - as he was the only member of Millenion that Big Daddy confided to about Maria's pregnancy with his child, and he most likely kept it from Harry. Due to his own way of thinking, Big Daddy was no longer a member, thus had no reason to talk of it. He is later killed by a resurrected Brandon, after inviting Brandon to his home for a duel to the death. His last thoughts were of his daughter.

Bob Poundmax


A formerly skinny man, Bob is now a portly, morbidly obese intelligence operative. He rose through the ranks of Millenion with Brandon and Harry. After Harry's ascension to the head of the organization, Bob sat as one of the Big Four under Harry. He became the second "Superior" created after the procedure was perfected and the first to confront Beyond the Grave. He was killed by Brandon after begging for mercy, only to attack Brandon when his back was turned.

Balladbird Lee


Bob Poundmax's best friend. He owes his life to Harry after it was discovered that he was working with Lightning (a rival group which his older brother Cannon Vulcan was a member of) while in Millennion. However, Harry forgave Balladbird, allowing him to stay in Millennion in exchange for his loyalty. After learning of Bob's death, Lee kidnaps Mika and kills her two friends in the process. Lee is eventually killed in the subway by Brandon's Anti-Superior bullets.

Bunji Kugashira


Bunji Kugashira earned the nickname "Madness" for his skills as a killer. He is an expert both with guns and unarmed. He also has a strange sense of morals. He deems it fine to kill others as a hitman, but he has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and coworkers.

Bunji first meets Harry MacDowell on a job to kill him. Harry tells Bunji that he is being used, and both men confirm it. Although Harry wants to recruit Bunji for Millennion, it is actually Brandon that persuades him to join. Brandon beats Bunji in unarmed combat, and Bunji has considered Brandon a close companion ever since. Bunji calls a lot of people "brother," but there is a sense that he truly means it when he calls Brandon that. It is this bond that makes facing Grave so difficult. Bunji is killed by Brandon in battle.